Mango Cruiser Super Bird Display Flashes And Does Not Assist


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May 19, 2022
I inherited a virtually unused Mango Cruiser Co. Super Bird Ebike. My first Ebike. It is said to be approximately 3 years old. When the power button is pushed, the display cycles through a routine and ends up at the highest setting. The light under the "+" is on and flashing as is the top light in the battery column. See photo of monitor. The monitor continues to flash and cannot be adjusted. No pedal assist is apparent. I checked to make sure the Brake Inhibitors were working properly and they are. I checked all of the plugs to make sure they were seated and make sure there were no bent pins. The crank sensor is a King Meter Mini Sensor II. The plastic that covers the face of the sensor was still in place so I peeled it off. When I did, the monitor appeared to work normally and was adjustable. I jumped on the bike to see if it pedal assist worked. It did not. I did notice that the crank monitor is magnetized and wondered how it worked with an aluminum crank arm. After about 5 minutes of riding, it went back into the high settings and flashed. The battery level indicator shows a full charge. I can't seem to find the exact monitor for sale. It looks old and maybe discontinued. Are the monitors interchangeable? If so, what would be a good plug and play replacement? Any suggestions on what I need to replace, adjust or repair is appreciated.

Monitor: No brand shown. Numbers shown on back - 36V EDU00566-96637806-1804, 023916-0641
Hub Motor: BFANG, BFSWX02 36V250W (10), 26-1802062075-6
Crank Sensor: King Meter Mini Sensor II, 24 Pole MINPAS, V3 Cycle Analyst Compatible.
Battery: JOYCUBE, JCEB360-11.6, DC36.0V 11.6A h417.6Wh, I failed to check the voltage of the battery when I had it off.

Also, the bike came without a battery key. I picked the lock and got the battery off to see if I could see if there were any loose connections. All wiring is safely out of harms way with no access so I could not tell if anything was loose. Would love to have a key for the battery. The Key Number is 3069 if anyone can direct me to where I can get a new key for it.

Thanks dug


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First, I am surprised the battery still works, and it may not.

There should be a magnet attached somewhere to activate the sensor, usually a ring. the 24-pole part.

Displays, controllers are SOMEWHAT interchangeable, with exactly what, is the question. New ones as a package deal are cheap, controller plus display, plus new features. Sensors are cheap, and pretty much compatible, more or less. Get a throttle.
Update: I determined that my problem was the rear brake safety switch. My initial test using my volt meter was faulty. My follow-on test with smaller test leads showed that it was bad. I unplugged the brake switch and it came to life. Like I said, I am new in the E-bike world. Brake switch has been replaced and the bike has been ridden about 50 miles without issue. The battery takes a charge and gives me plenty of range. Thanks!