Making eBike Components Easily Removable for Reinstallation


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Mar 1, 2021
Hi Folks,

I'd like to know if there is a way to convert my mountain bike to a front hub eBike that will allow me to take off and put on the parts fairly easily. This is because I'd like to use my mountain bike without the eBike equipment in the woods while having the option to convert the bike to an eBike for road use.

If anyone could provide some insight that would be great. Thank you.
Hi there,

Depending on the power of the kit, you will need to use torque arms (to stop the front hub kit from snapping the dropouts). Torque arms might slow down the removal of your front ebike wheel when swapping back to your normal rim. But please use torque arms for safety, especially if your forks are aluminum. Torque arms transfer the force further up the forks and prevent a disaster if the front axle nuts were to come loose.

You could try a specific quick release front hub ebike kit such as this one, however this one will need to be laced into another rim which you will also have to purchase separately:

The simpler option would be to get a complete front kit such as this and one choose your wheel size:

Here is a torque arm kit in case the above kits are missing them:

Most ebike batteries and displays are quick to remove and the front hub wheel will unplug from the ebike controller. So you should be able to swap back to an almost normal mountain bike in a reasonable amount of time. The controller will probably have to stay on the bike unless you want to unplug all of the wires each time.
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Thanks, Anton. This is very helpful. I appreciate the links.

Do you think I need a torque arm even though my forks are 34mm all-mountain shocks? They're Fox Float.
Probably should at 1000 watts. I know 750 watts will survive a couple years at least on cheap aluminum front forks.