Maintaining my Electric Bike Hub Motor


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Jun 22, 2018
One fine day I realised If you want a machine to work properly you have got to maintain it properly but how many people say it works ok and then stop. I wanted the best from my electricbike, so to work, it wasnt broke and it went along just fine so I set myself a project a task, armed with grease and oil - oiled everthing and greased everything how many of us have maintained a car only to get spanners out and found nuts bolts and screws rusted in ???

Well next was the motor. Putting the bike on a stand and moving the hub motor backwards AND forwards I realised that hub type motors needed some serious attention. What had happened was the magnetic surfaces and attracted so much muck which had become caked on the wheel developed friction, so taking the thing to pieces and cleaning the electric contact area's and the hub magnetic surfaces then a bit of polish did wonders!
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