Mahle iWoc bootloop: Very much at a loss here, looking for some help.


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May 6, 2024
Link to video here:

Bike: Merida eSpeeder 400 EQ, Mahle x35, iWoc controller.

Hi guys, looking for some help with my ebike, and wonder if anyone also has had similar issues.\

The problem started in March, where the bike would turned on but the integrated lights didn't. This was miraculously "fixed" with Mahle's software app update around 22nd April. Only after a week, the problem has resurfaced into a never-ending bootloop, with no access to changing the power or the lights. Turning the bike on, a white ring appears followed by a green ring, however, once the bike attempts to connect to any bluetooth connection, it stalls and relapses into a bootloop. Sometimes it works fine and connects; the bike performs perfectly. Most times, it stalls and bootloops. The only way to rectify this is to force power-off/reset by pressing the button for 15sec. The only way to "fix" it is to return to the charger. I've been caught a few times now due to this situation: When charged at 100%, the bike starts up fine. When not fully charged, bootloop occurs and I have to pedal assisted/unassisted in increments back home to charge the bike. Now the bike - despite being at 100% - continues to bootloop when turned on. Logically, the best option would be to update the motor and see if there's any improvement. But because the bike "fixed" itself post-update, I would assume it's more a software issue. I'm based in Zürich. The bike was bought in Ireland. I have contacted Swiss Merida partner shops, but they don't seem to have a GCU.

I'm wondering what can be done? Thanks for any help.
They appear to be a UK based company.
There are a large number of dealers in the UK, but few anywhere else in the world.
I would suggest you try one of the 15 dealers in the UK, and see if one of them can offer you support.

That is one very nicely featured eBike. However, a lot of it is customized, so only a dealer is likely to have the resources and replacement parts for that eBike. This can be an issue with products that are very customized for a dealer network.

I wish you the best of luck.

go here and click on "contact local shop" for list of shops.