Macwheel LNE-26 - Sprocket & chain not engaging when off


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Aug 17, 2021
I bought a Macwheel LNE-26 ebike from Amazon a couple of weeks ago & it showed up last week. It came well boxed and putting it together wasn't too difficult although the instructions leave much to be desired. This is my first ebike.

Everything seems to be working but I ran into something that has me scratching my head. If the battery/ebike is off and I turn the pedal crank neither the pedal sprocket or chain move. If I turn the bike on and turn the pedal crank again the sprocket nor chain move but the hub motor clicks in, obviously the assist. Is this correct, normal? I would have thought that when I pedal the sprocket & chain would be engaged.

And what happens when I'm on the road and my battery dies? How to I get home if the pedal crank isn't moving the chain?

Do I have a defective bike? Is there something I need to do to get the pedals to engage the chain?
I have a Macwheel Wrangler600/Senior and turning the crank in either direction while the bike is off acts just as you would expect. In reverse the crank spins freely. Forward it causes the bike to move. If the bike is on but at power setting "0", pedaling powers the bike without the motor kicking in. It sounds to me like something is definitely wrong with your bike.
I agree with GregM. it sounds like there something wrong with the crank that prevents from connecting the sprocket and chain t drive the rear wheel. I would contact the seller right away or better than that contact Amazon about replacing the defective bike. Don't wait too long or Amazon will be of no help.
I have the 26 inch Macwheel bike but it came without the cable to charge it. I would be willing to rent a charger if someone else has one. I can use it and return it anytime you want! The bike is useless to me without it. Macwheel has not answered any of my emails to them. Please contact me at 916-212-4765