Macwheel ebike makes loud noise - can't contact company


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10:31 PM
Sep 9, 2022
I purchased a Macwheel MYT-28 about a year ago, used, but in good shape (only a year old). It went great! But a while ago suddenly while driving uphill it started making a much louder noise than usual. It did already make a noise when under strain but one day it just suddenly became much louder. Now it also makes a noise when on flat ground, which it didn't used to do.
So I tried contacting the company... the e-mails just bounce back. I mean, how can a company simply disappear? There's no phone number on the website and the contact form doesn't work. I can't be the only one who purchased ebikes from them and needs assistance.
Has anybody had the same problem with this model? Does anyone have any advice? The local bike shops I'e tried talking to won't touch it, but perhaps if I can give them an idea of what the problem is they might help me.
Thanks in advance! :)
Hi there,

It sure sounds like you’re out of luck. The company may have folded up.
It looks like their last Facebook post was November 2021, and if you read the user comments tagged to their first post, it’s not surprising.

If it’s been less than a year, maybe try reaching out to the store you bought if from for warranty assistance?