MacWheel 26 inch E-bike

Bob Blasier

New member
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2:12 PM
Aug 10, 2022
I purchased a 26" MacWheel bike from Amazon but it came without a charger. I tried to go to the MacWheel website but can't get a response from them at all - my fear is this particular E-bike is no longer available. It requires a small 3-prong plug a little less that 1/2 inch across. Have tried multiple other chargers but none of them fit the socket on the bike. If anyone has a charger for this bike, I would gladly pay to rent it and return it to the owner. Or if anyone has any suggestions on how I can charge it, I would appreciate any suggestions any one has.
Hi Bob,
Have you tried going through Amazon? They should be able to help you (at least to get a refund if the company won’t send you a charger).
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, Amazon did contact MacWheel as a result of my complaint but they never responded. The E-bike was fully charged when I got it and I was able to ride it for a while before the charge ran out. By then, it was too late to return it to Amazon.