M866S Display Manual please

Steve Perry

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Feb 5, 2022
Hi, I have a

M866S display​

I am looking for a manual or set up info.
Many thanks
That will combine with your particular controller to give the available settings. Same display with different controller may have different settings.
Hope this helps,

If you look through the sidebar things you might be able to locate things we may have missed.

Ride Safe! :cool:

Thank you for the video, not sure mine is the same but will try the settings.
I will write the parameters of the P settings in next post.
I should also point out here that the particular motor you have is also a major factor in determining "correct" settings. The display will show you what you can change on your particular controller. Both display will work with many controllers, and controllers will work with many motors. A setting which is correct for one controller may be wrong for another. A setting which works well, with a particular controller AND a particular motor, may not work at all or even be disastrous for a different motor.

Upping your max amps to the controller maximum may work great on a big DD hub. It could very well melt or destroy a small geared hub or crank drive.

What you are doing is similar to attempting to get the correct drivers for your computer by researching what brand of keyboard you are using.

IF repeat IF the example you copy is using a VERY SIMILAR controller, both in volts and amps capabilities, also Sine or Trapezoidal, AND the motor is of a similar type and size and wattage capability, AND the wheelsiize is the same, then to copy the example is, probably, fairly safe to do.

Do NOT activate the smoke chips. Replacing them can get expensive.
Just noticed that you got a fairly complete rundown on your OTHER thread, on the SAME SUBJECT, which you should have continued THERE, where MORE INFORMATION was presented, INSTEAD OF making a SECOND THREAD, missing much information, wasting time, wasting effort, and thoroughly annoying guys like me who dislike such waste.

NOW - Tell us WHAT THE FRIG you are trying to do which you have failed at, and what went wrong EXACTLY with the fairly complete settings you got already, and why anybody should give a crap for someone's problem who seems intent on wasting other people's time and good will.
P1 is brightness
P2 M or km
P3 24,36,48
P4 1-60 sleep
P5 0-1
P6 00.1 - 050.0
P7 1-100
P8 0001 - 0200
P9 0-1-2
P10 0-2
P11 0001 - 0024
P12 0000 - 0005
P13 0005 - 0012
P14 0001 - 100
P15 0001 - 100
P16 ODo

I understand that you are annoyed but ranting about it doesn’t help.
Oh, you are so sadly mistaken.

First, that was not a rant, it was a mild expression of displeasure.

Second, there is decent odds it might inform the next poor dumb SOB who thinks the best way to get help from well-meaning and/or knowledgeable folks is to ask the same friggin question 15 times and have everybody steppin and fetchin to help their sorry ass. DO NOT MAKE DUPLICATE POSTS, this is a common rule, and the reason is that it PISSES PEOPLE OFF. I don't care if you don't like it.

Moderators often spend a considerable amount of their (unpaid and unappreciated) time cleaning up and consolidating duplicate posts in order to present ALL the information in one place and prevent needless, unnecessary, and wasteful duplication of effort. The person making such multiple duplicates is stating clearly and plainly that they are not concerned and do not care about the wasted time spent by others, as long as they get their problem solved, for free.

My policy when people lay down this sort of epic disrespect is to respond in kind.

Good luck to you, fix it yourself.