Loosing power on setting 4 or boost?

Steve Perry

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Feb 5, 2022
Hi, I have built an ebike from a kit.
My display has 5 settings ie. Eco, 2, 3, 4, and boost.
When I set it to setting 4 or boost I loose power of the throttle.
Is this normal ?
Thank you for your help in advance.
Hi, no it did not come with a manual.
I’m running a 52v battery to a 1500w rear motor, the kit came with a display but I have no idea how to set it up.
Picture of the display


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Picture is not helpful at all. Does look like a fairly common display.

There will be a button or combination of buttons that will give you a menu, which should have more menus and several options. Go through them slowly and carefully.

There are lots and LOTS of variations. Combination of controller and display options. Best to try source of kit for more info, or just creatively engage with it till you find the relevant options.

What you have is fairly standard for many jurisdictional requirements. You might be able to get "off-road" mode.
Thank you for replying, I can get to the menu by holding down both outside buttons and can click through them using the middle button.
There was no manual so I used the information on the sw900 display to set it up but not sure these settings are correct.
I'm not sure either, I can't see them from here.

Some are self-explanatory, max speed, etc., but likely a lot of p=5 type crap. Google with model of controller and sw900 display. This can get complex, and speed settings are often hidden to conform to legal requirements. Off-road mode most common. On some, there is no bypass.

One simple trick is to find the wheel size, likely in mm, and then set it for a very small wheel, so it thinks you are going slower than you really are. Speedo won't be right, but ground speed will likely be faster.

It would be useful for you to describe your kit.
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