Looking For Repair Guidance For Electric Wheelchair Bicycle


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Jun 27, 2022
Hello. I am brand new to the forum!

I have acquired a "Duet Wheelchair Bicycle" which can be peddled - it also has an electric motor on the rear wheel.

It does not work, and I have determined that the problem is in the controller. This thing is about 15 years old, it is a proprietary design, and there are no parts or schematics available.

So... my idea is to replace the controller with something that is available today. The motor is labelled 250W 24V, and I have confirmed that it works. I have measured the throttle resistance from 0.5 ohms thru around 20-30 ohms or so (it's a bit flaky - probably needs cleaning or replacement).

Given this information, can you guys point me toward a good manufacturer and model of a controller that I might try?

Many thanks in advance!
How many wires are going from the controller into the motor? Two, three, eight, some other number?