Looking for help on mid drive with bullet battery


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Mar 29, 2022
Hi - I bought a commuter type mid drive ebike sold by a small ebike distributor in new england. It was one of their older bikes that they made themselves and no longer support, had no info on, and just wanted to get rid of. It basically works but is a little finicky as far as how it provides power. I would like to better understand how it is programmed and perhaps be able to tweak it a bit. I have found a settings menu from the display, but it only does a few things like speed cutout and wheel size. Could anyone shine some light on what I have and how I can better understand the system and be able to play with it a bit? Some more info below and pictures attached. Thanks in advance for the help - Alex.

I believe the controller is built into the bottle-mount battery holder. It has the company website, but that site is not much help but I think it is parts of their JAWS system: sym-electric.com. A picture of the controller plate is attached, which lists:
Rated Voltage: 36V, Maximum Current: 12 A, Rated Current 6 A, Low Voltage Protection: 31.5 V, Throttle Adjustment: 1.2v- 4.4V

By googling around, I think I have a battery similar to a 'Sondors' bullet type 36v with 2 battery discharge pins, similar to this: Luna site with replacement Sondors battery


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Likely not much controllability there. Doesn't look like a familiar unit, but there are many variations. At least it has an external controller, you could change that and the display and get whatever flexibility they provide.

Keep going thru the menus and options, what you see is what you got.