Looking for a eMTB, hybrid or trekking bike for my wife.


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Jan 4, 2022
Hi all,
My wife already has an MTB but I am seriosuly considering an ebike for her so we can share longer rides. I'm a complete novice to ebikes so I am wary of spending too little on getting the right spec. We are full-time living in a motorhome so our bikes are substitute cars and will be used for everything from exploring off-road, sightseeing to shopping and visits to the hospital. So it needs to be durable and reliable and be able to hang panniers off it. She is only 5'3" so sizing is critical.

I was browsing the other day and saw this: https://www.bike-discount.de/es/radon-solution-hybrid-7.0-lady-performance-500-1

I know Radon have a good reputation for the great value MTBs, but what ither brands and models should I consider. I have considered converting her current bike as she really likes it, but a decent kit seems to be around £1k and I wonder if it will do the job long term. My budget is around €2500 max.

Would love to hear your input folks.
Take a look at the e-bikes sold by REI that have sturdy rear racks and 2" tires and integrated front and rear lights and with removable battery packs that can be taken inside the motorhome for charging. The REI CTY e.2.1 sells for $2000 and the bike mechanics at REI are first rate. It uses 27.5x1.9 inch tires which is a common size for gravel and mountain bikes so tire choices are vast for different terrain.

The bike weighs 50.5 lbs but that is with the battery pack on the bike. Remove the battery pack and the bike is going to weigh around 45 lbs and so no issues lifting one onto a rear hitch mounted bike rack on the motorhome. Insurance will be much less for such a bike.

Recommend using a bike cable lock, motion detecting alarm, bike cover, and heavy duty cargo net over the bikes to deter thieves.

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