Looking for 5x155 wheel skewer


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4:24 PM
Sep 23, 2022
My Ocelot Pro comes with a QR latch system for the front wheel, making the wheel an easy target for any thief. I've been looking for a plain nut-and-bolt, low tech, wheel skewer. Can anyone help me find a 5mm x 155mm (or longer) plain wheel skewer? I've only found one skewer that fits and that happens to be a locking type, Pitlock. EDIT: Make that two skewers, the Pinhead also fits, but it's also a locking skewer.

Note: I don't believe in any of the "anti-theft" locking skewer systems, all they do is discourage the amateur thief. I believe that simply removing the quick release latch system is sufficient to deter the amateurs. All I'm trying to do is lower my bike's profile as a target of opportunity. As for professional thieves, once they decide to take my bike, it's a foregone conclusion that they will be successful.