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Feb 12, 2022
I have been a cyclist most of my life, started around 6 y-o with hand-me-down adult size Dutch bike from my sister (10 years older than me).
As a teen, I pedaled across the NA Continent from Seattle WA to Ocean City, MD; lived in tents, ate from camping stove along the way.
I participated in many different levels & types of racing in my 20's and have been working in the bicycle industry for nearly 30 years.
Back in 2013 I started building my own ebike with hub-motors & BBSHD on 26" MTBs that are capable of 40+ mph on streets.
Speed is fun, but gets old rather quickly.
In 2017, I bought a complete folding ebike for my FIL (80 y-o) for his trips to the fishing dock & grocery runs in Queens, NY.
I currently own a few different folding & cargo ebikes that are all non-name brand Chinese ebikes.
They are far more reliable (for my purposes) than most people give them credit.
As a NYC commuter since 2014, I see hundreds of delivery folks on generic ebikes that operate 24/7 in all weather.
There are good reasons why these are so popular among those that rely on their ebikes for their livelihoods.
I am no stranger to name brand stuff that cost 4-5 times more than the cheap Chinese stuff, but these days, I just ride what works; time spent riding is more important than tinkering with motor output, battery or controller capacity.
Speed & performance is not such priority as reliability & ease of operation.
Life is short, ride as many different bikes that you can get for the riding experience that you're after.
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