Lithium Ion vs LiPo4 batteries


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Jul 3, 2018
Lion batteries these days are older generation technology every where I see nowdays they are useing LiPo4 batteries these perform much better and have better specs, but if you buy them in england they can be good value for a lot of money or most of your money and more tax

do a search on Ebay uk for

this man sells Lipo4 batteries for Ebikes and scooters at much cheaper than crappy england prices and has a very good reputation he sells them complete with chargers and they come in different specs, China is where lots of things are made anyway (good food as well)

I bought my Ebike on Ebay for £180, tonight it did 20 miles on ordinery SLA batteries plenty of stop starts etc and at end of journey still 15 mph no sign of battery fade.
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