Leeds conversion kit and lack of support


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Sep 18, 2020
2 years ago I converted my lwb recumbent using a 700c rear wheel with Bafang motor from Leeds Electric Bikes. About 21 months(2 year warranty)the controllers on all three batteries failed. Replacement controllers lasted about month. Another replacement lasted 4 days. Minimal technical support from Leeds. Giving up on them, I posed the problem to a friend with extensive experience in electronics. He suggested the problem was the motor, that the copper windings in the motor had developed a short which got worse over time, and was frying the controllers. I think he is right. I'm now investigating solutions to the problem that don't involve a Bafang motor or Leeds.
Thanks for your review of the Leeds conversion kit with your LWB (long wheel base) recumbent. Your experiences will be helpful to other ebikers who may consider using this kit. We are thinking of opening a reviews section on this forum where ebikers can leave real life reviews of ebikes and experiences with the companies who make the kits. Please let us know if you find any solutions to the problems you are having.
Communication with Leeds has improved. They warrantied the motor and sent me a new one for installation into the original wheel. I also ordered a new wheel with the motor already installed. Put it on the bike and connected a two yo old battery with new controller. Same problem as before. A few clicks from the motor and then nothing. The battery, one of three, showed to fully charged. I packed the wheel, battery, controller, and the long switch cable up and have mailed it back to Leeds for diagnosis and a fix. They paid the return postage.