LED Display 860C


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Nov 12, 2023
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Tried to power up the display for the first time (fully charged battery turned on) held the power button on the controller, the screen powered up with the word HELLO then went black, tried this a number of times with the same results. Need help. Regards Dave
There seem to be a lot of quality control issues with the 860c. The Electric Bike Forum has a trouble shooting guide. They recommend you always turn the battery off before going over the connections. They also recommend using the programming cable as a way of accessing your controller, if that works then your display is defective. Do you have the Speeed app and an android phone or tablet? If you go to the Electric Bike Forum Luna Cycle Knowledge Base, they can show you how to jump the system to decide if it is the controller or the display. The fact that this has never worked right out of the box makes me think it's the display. If you plugged and unplugged things with the battery hot you could of toasted a Mosfet in the controller but googling 860c displays seems to show a lot of random problems. If you have a warranty you might want to use it and have a new display sent. I have a 500c display which has been very reliable. Let us know how it is going.
I have a few 860c displays and they always worked fine. They were my favorite for awhile as they are plainly visible in bright sunlight, and have an internal setting that will let you see both realtime watt and amp output, simultaneously.

If its saying 'welcome' and blacking out, thats almost certainly a bad display. I would return it asap so you can get another display in hand and ensure its not something else worse like the controller that is winking out on you.

I said the 860c was my favorite for awhile... I went to minimalist displays a little over a year ago and you can get hold of a DZ40 for under US$30 on AliExpress. That would not be a terrible cross-check to get your hands on to try out. I just had another one delivered to me to replace another 860c. While I was at it I bought an inexpensive 1T4 wiring harness for the sake of having a backup... which is another thing you can use to ensure the problem is not a bad pin in your display line.

Amazon sells DZ40's for about double the Ali price but fast delivery.