Lectric XPremium tire pressure


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Sep 16, 2022
Hi All,
I just got a Lectric XPremium this week. I'm loving it so far. One thing, though, is the tire pressure. The manual instructed to inflate tires to what is marked on the tire. That is 20psi. Now I'm a bit of big guy at 270 and I feel like the low pressure causes way to much rolling restistance, and I'm already getting less than advertised range.

They mention that during their range checking they inflated the tires to 30 PSI. My wife has a RadRunner 2 with tires to 30 psi and they feel much better. Can I just take mine up to at least 30 or should I look for different, higher pressure tires. When I ride my road bike I have the tires about 85 psi. I like that.

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