Lectric Xpeak issue


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Jun 29, 2024
Hello everyone Just received my new xpeaks from Lectric. I purchased 3 of them and the first two have been giving me problems with the pedal assist. I can be in any of the pedal assist settings and when I hit a small bump I slow down but the bike will not pick up again once I start pedaling. Sometimes the throttle will not work either. I called Lectric on the first one and they’re sending me a complete brake handle and wire to replace my still new brake controller. Their telling me it’s a sensor that’s not working properly, it kills the power to the motor every time you brake to help stop the bike. It’s supposed to start back up but mine does not. I’ve yet to call them on my second e-bike, since they’re closed till Monday. Anyone experiencing this issue????
When I contacted Lectric I did so via email. I would put all your info in an email and tell them to send one more brake assembly and request someone to put hands on the third bike before it goes out the door. Then follow up midday Monday, their time, if you have not had a reply.
I had this problem that the motor wouldn't turn because the sensor thought the rear brake was in use. I had applied the brake extremely hard and lost stiffness in the brake handle. I decided to buy a bleeding kit and bleed the caliper. The junky cheap version of brakes that come on the xpeak have no bleeding valve on them and are just t10 screws with washers and even with the kit it's easy to make a mess and get oil all over. The bleeding did fix the sensor issue and the motor now engages after braking. I've had this bike for 3weeks and have traveled over 600 miles. One thing I'm upset about is that I bought it with the expectation at time of purchase a second battery was coming with it. When it didn't arrive I called customer service and they said it was getting shipped in August. I ride at least 30 miles a day on pas3 mostly and if it wasn't for having a place where I could charge it 15miles in I wouldn't be comfortable relying it could go the whole 30 at pas3 without it. There's a couple hills along the way that really eat those battery bars. I want my second battery so I can ride further with piece of mind.
If you search on this forum there are battery repair shops that will make you a third party battery.