Lectric XP Trike axle bearing maintenance


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Jun 1, 2024
Littleton, CO US
Here is a post from another forum discussing rear axle removal to access all 4 bearings on Lectric (and MoonCool?) etrikes. There is a bearing at outer and inner end of each side of axle cage. Axles inner end is splined into differential.

I have not yet attempted this myself.

My goal is being able to do trike bearing maintenence after warranty ends. Lectric's warranty for bearing failure involves swapping entire trike. Not sure what their support will be after warranty ends. This is Jun 2024 and first delivered Lectric etrikes are just now reaching end of warranty.

" You can get the tools that you need from AutoZone. You will need a slide hammer part# 57033 and a 3 jaw puller part# 57026. Then put trike on jack stands , remove rear basket,drop rear chain, remove rear brake assembly and set aside carefully so that will be able to move differential later. Go to left axle and you will find a clamp that holds the axle in place.remove it(2 bolts). Remove rear fenders and wheels. Get 4or 5 washers that are slightly larger than the axle. Bolt them on the axle with the bolt that holds the wheel on. Then use the slide hammer and 3 jaw puller to pull the left axle. Now slide the differential to the left. You will now be able to see a circlip on the right axle. Remove the circlip and now install the stack of washers on right axle and pull it out with the slide hammer. Now remove 2 jaws from puller then with 1 jaw tap out outer bearings. Then with a long rod and hammer, drive out inner bearings. Clean bearings and relube them. Then reassemble. Good luck. It really is not that hard."