L20 2.0 seat replacement


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Jun 5, 2024
I have seen many reviews about the bike being difficult for shorter people. My wife is 5'6 and has trouble getting her feet on tbe ground when stopping. Any recommendations for a replacement seat for shorter people?
Hi @POPdevil,

I do not understand from your post if you are looking for an (e)bike or if your wife already have one. Assuming the latter, isn't the seat post height adjustable? Or is it already at the minimum height? If so, the problem is that the frame size is larger than you need and, a part, heavy modifications, she will never feel comfortable there.

EDIT: I understand now:
Reviewers say riders under 5’8” will struggle to fit despite ENGWE’s 5’4” rating. Replacing the suspension seatpost may increase the range by a couple of inches.
from https://www.bikeride.com/engwe-l20-2-0/
I have the Engwe L20 2.0 and the seat it all the way down already and my wife can't touch the ground when fully stopping. This has been an issue discussed on many reviews but I thought they were staying someone at the 5 feet level, not 5'7. I did find out that Engwe has a shorter rod they are sending to customers and I am checking on that as well.
What is the seat post size? I've the same issue for my wife and looking for shorter one
I don't have it yet but I believe the shock part of tbe saddle tube (what they call it) isn't there so the seat can go lower. I'll update when I get it. Engwe must know it's a problem because they are sending the new ones free of charge.
I just contacted their customer service about the issue and explained I heard I could get a shorter saddle tube.