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Sep 28, 2020
I have a kt35 controller and was trying to figure out how the headlight lead works. Does it only power a relay? Does it carry enough voltage and amperage to power the headlight itself? I also have the lcd8h screen that goes with it. It has the ability to turn on headlight and or tail light. It has a 2 pin sondors style plug coming outof controller thats not used. Its not for the brake switches as both of those are used as well as the pas plug. Thanx in advance for any help.
The light output wires from most KT controllers were made to power a relay. It is only able to supply a couple of watts from memory. There's not enough current in the circuit to power a headlight. Therefore it can supply only enough power to control a relay.

You could use a solid state relay as they take little power and are available on amazon for $8.95:
solid state realy.jpg

Pins 1 & 2 will connect to the KT controllers healight lead. Pins 3 & 4 are used to switch the power source to your headlight. You will also need a DC to DC converter to drop the battery voltage to match what your headlight needs.

Here's a DC-DC Voltage convertor which should be able to drop the voltage from your battery to match your headlight:
DC voltage dropper.jpg
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Would anyone pre make that to plug into controller? Im wondering since kt controllers have been around for a while that somone would offer plug in play convenience. Thanks for the info. Might just make one if no one offers anything reasonable.