Knog Oi Low Profile Chime Option | A Bell That Doesn't Suck


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2:35 PM
Sep 9, 2022

A cool mechanical bell that takes up less space and has a nice tone. positioned on the end of the grip, the bell is able to be deaden with a finger or hand without taking your hand off the grip. They run about $30 on Amazon and have a black, silver, brass, or copper finish.


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    Oi Classic Bike Bell Silver.png
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Brass shows some bling, I'm not a fan, but some may love this. I didn't have a choice when I bought this from REI yesterday, but it's nice to finally have a bell that doesn't look awful.


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    Oi Classic Bike Bell Brass.png
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Thanks for the post. I just purchased an Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen, and was trying to decide where to add a bell. The throttle and main control are just to the right of the left side handle bar grip. This will work just fine. It doesn't take up much space, mounts on the handle bar grips (not on the bars), allowing the rider to control all three with the thump while still holding the grip on the left side. Exactly what I was looking for.

I just need to confirm that it will fit my grips . Knog Oi large - fits for diameters from 23.8 mm to 31.8 mm.