KHS with HD bafang


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May 20, 2021
I have been riding my my BBSHD equipped KHS fat bike for a bit over 4 years now. It is primarily my winter ride. Most Wednesdays I meet some fellow retirees at a nearby park, usually around 2pm and we ride a singletrack trail for about 7 km's one way to a small cabin. The trail is slow and quite technical and it takes roughly 45 mins. There we fire up a wood stove, heat up some food and usually head back after dark around 6:30pm. Last week the weather was really warm, when I got to the trailhead it was right at freezing 0 Celcius. By 6:30 the temp had risen to about plus 4 Celcius making the snow very soft.
My front wheel had very light steering and kept washing out, I found it hard to stay in the middle of the track where the snow was densely packed. I prob wiped out a dozen times. Very frustrating. Any way when I got home The reason became clear. My fattie has a homemade rack with a 17.5 AH flat battery. That offsets a lot of weight to the rear. Making it worse the seat had over time slid as far back as it could go on it's rails pushing the center of gravity even further to the back. I moved it as far forward as possible and problem solved, the front end now has more weight on it and is much more stable.
Disclaimer, same trail only 2 years ago when I was running a downtube battery. I wanted a bit more range so switched to a 17.5 AH rack mount.