KHS 4 Season 500 Fat Bike with Bafang Mid Drive


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Jul 19, 2020
I just bought a KHS 4 Season 500 fat bike and am considering putting a Bafang mid drive electric motor on it. So I was wondering if anyone knows what type of bottom bracket the bike has , there is no info on it at all that I can find and the Bafang fits a BB30, PF30 or JIS/BSC type. I may wind up with a geared front hub but its not my first choice.
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Mid drive all the way!

That looks like a Bikes Direct "Boris" frame, which is a very popular Ebike conversion over on Endless-Sphere. The most knowledgeable Ebike people in the world hang out over there:

I bet someone can answer your question about your frame quickly if you post there. The Bafang BBSHD comes in sizes for 68-120mm "BSA Standard English Threaded" BBs, so if your bike is like that you are set. I have read that the Boris frames are really the same frame as the KHS. You can see the Boris frame at:

I built my first Ebike using the Bafang BBS02 mid drive and I am now getting a fat bike to build with a BBSHD. Everyone who rides my bike loves it and wants one.

Good luck,
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Give Luna cycles a look or Hi power cycles you can buy a prebuilt e bike from Luna cheaper than you can buy a new KHS and convert it your self .
Just a quick question @northernfatbike . was it expensive? Want to buy one too but havent found a good deal. :mad:
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I am still waiting but have been looking at different vendors and yes it is expensive. The place I will prob buy from is Biktrix which is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A BBSHD1000 with a 48V battery will run me about $1400. I live in Canada otherwise Luna would be a consideration but this way i avoid duty and shipping costs. It is important to buy a bike with the right size bottom bracket and I will be taking my KHS 500 to my local bike shop to get the crank removed to see if it is the right size.
Well I have the crank removed and the bottom bracket is a JIS standard and the 120mm BBSHD will fit and has been ordered.I will post up more info once it arrives and I install it.
Well its done and it works great, I had to use my dremel to clean up the middle of the bottom bracket. Then the HD fit like a glove. 2 thin shims on the sprocket side totaling maybe 1/16" gave a near perfect chain line and then thicker shims on the left side to allow the locking nut to be tightened down firmly. Got a gear sensor which is spliced into the rear deraileur and momentarily shuts down the power when shifted. Also epoxied a brake sensor to each brake. Took it out for a test ride in the snow and it works great.
KHS 4 season KHS 500 fat bike.jpg

This is the mid point on the ride near a museum in Winnipeg. The first part was a singletrack in a forest then on to roads and sidewalks
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