Key Switch/Lock, LCD Status Screen, Twist throttle wiring - IdeaPlay P10 Plus


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Dec 12, 2021
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I have a 36 volt 350 watt IdeaPlay P10 Plus folding ebike I recently purchased for $100 on FaceBook marketplace. It had a not fully broken twist throttle but after my first ride it was non-functional. After 2 days of searching and only seeing my exact type of lcd screen/key switch/lock ignition twist throttle on ali express with fastest delivery not until next month. I made the decision to cut the twisting part off of the LCD Screen and Key switch. Looking back since I have learned a little all I would have had to do was change out the twist part. Painful lesson learned Ed. However I had to cut all the wiring apart to get the broken stuff completely off trying to be proactive I thought I could just match the wires when soldering them back together. I was so wrong.., If anyone is willing to assist obviously you can answer me here or Facebook messenger my Facebook is linked here in my profile. This as descriptive as I can be please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. This is similar to a jetson bolt. No pedals all electric.

To the best of my knowledge I am going to explain to you how it was wired from I am assuming factory. If there are other ways that you know of that are better or whatever that I can wire it I am totally fine with that. I just want to be able to ride it again and I didn't want to connect shit together and burn something up. I can eliminate the key if that would make it easier its nice to have but not a must have. The lcd screen I would really like to keep because it shows all the important stuff

> 3 position key switch
1. Off
2. Bike on
3. Bike on and front light and rear light are on. There is also a braking indicator on rear light. On the back of the key switch there are 2 soldering terminals on the top on the (left terminal there was a orange wire) soldered to it. The soldering terminal on the right had a (red wire and a yellow wire) soldered to it. (The red wire went up to the lcd screen) also. On the bottom of the key lock/switch there is one soldering terminal that a (white wire) was soldered to. On my motor controller there is no white wire in the lcd harness or the throttle harness. So I am not sure where the white wire goes to.


The LCD screen has a speedometer/odometer a battery level indicator, and a mode/gear indicator shows whether you are in gear 1 2 or 3. It has one button that you can tweak settings in the different menu's. There is a red wire that's shared with Key switch/lock, black wire shared with the twist throttle for ground. A green wire, brown wire.

Red Wire- +5v power Black Wire shared with LCD screen for ground Blue Wire- Speed/data sense.

Motor Controller

The only wires I was able to verify voltage and polarity on with my multimeter were the (Red wire +36v and black ground from battery.)
Red wire 5v for throttle and Black wire are on there own connection.
I am assuming they are for the throttle but again I could not verify voltage.
The rest of the wires in the same harness as the 36 volt wires are as follows.

Blue wire- Not sure of voltage or label Data/Sense for connects to throttle.

Green Wire- Not sure of voltage or label connects to LCD Screen.

Yellow Wire- Not sure of voltage or label connects to right side terminal of key switch/lock.

Brown Wire- Not sure of voltage or label connects to LCD Screen.

Orange Wire- Not sure of voltage or label connects to left terminal of key switch/lock

Black Wire- Assuming it is ground for +5v for throttle also connects to LCD screen.

I have not been able to find a 100% same diagram of exactly what I have, I can connect the blue to the throttle,the green to LCD Screen, the yellow to the key switch/lock and the orange to the other side of the key switch the I believe +5v from the throttle and ground I could also connect. The few things I have no freaking clue of is where does the +36v wire should connect to because I don't believe the Key switch or the LCD screen would handle that straight connection without being burnt up. Is there something I connect to the 36v+ to lower the voltage or split it up? What the hell does the white wire do if it isn't connected to anything at the motor controller?
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