KBO Step-Thru ebike


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Jun 16, 2018
I know you've seen this thread but just posting this link for anyone else looking for KBO reviews:

I've also added a KBO ebike forum so that all KBO posts will appear there.


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Apr 17, 2022
Anybody have experience with a kbo stepthrough ebike? Pros and Cons?
I have a problem with my step through bike. I ride to work and back about three times a week. I am 5'4". My bike weighs 70 pounds.

I don’t know exactly know if what I am experiencing is normal or not… because I have only ridden one other e-bike and we didn’t have hills and it didn’t have a throttle like my step through bike has.

All I know is what I experience. Heading into work (and back) I have three fairly steep hills, each only about a half block long. My momentum heading up to the hill is not enough to make it up and over. I have tried to use the throttle to boost my efforts and it does absolutely nothing - as a matter of fact my efforts and lack of attention tend to cause me to stop all momentum. I am forced to use the throttle and pushing with my feet along the edge of the road to get to the top. I have a sneaky feeling this effort is not good for the mechanics of the bike —but what do I know! Again, I am pushing 70 pounds of bicycle uphill!

Comparing my experience with other people that have e-bikes I am told my experience is not normal for an e-bike.

By the way, the throttle works great when on the flat to swiftly cross streets.

Please help. I can’t help but starting to dislike my bike and dreading my “ride” to work.


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Apr 23, 2022
Are you in the lowest (smallest) gear AND pedal assist 5 when trying to go up the hills?