Just got my 2nd battery to put on my Ebike


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Oct 11, 2023
I have Keteles K800 2000 watt duel motor Ebike!

Well I bought a New Hailong EBike Battery Lithium battery. It's a 48v 30a battery. Now I have 2 batteries on my bike. Total amps=60 amps. It weighs 20lbs. Running Samsung 21700 cells. BMS is 5v 35amps. ( that is what it sez on the BMS ) ( I opened the case to make sure the cells were Samsung 21700 ). I also bought a 24-72V DC Dual Battery Discharge Converter.

Note: there really is not alot of info on these Dual Battery Discharge Converters. I am alittle paranoid to have both batteries turned on at the same time. So I just turn on one battery at a time. I am just concerned about the BMS getting over loaded and maybe starting a fire or I am maybe being alittle over protective lol.

My bike has a rack on the back of my bike. I made a woodden plate to install the battery on. ( I gota find a aluminum plate thats 17"X7". Some places wanted $40 for the plate. So I used a 3/4" piece of wood and painted it black till I can find a aluminum plate for a good price. I used 4 super strong 1/2" wide zipties to mount the wood plate to my back bike rack.. They can handle 250lbs each ziptie.

I went for 40 miles here in the mountains in Oregon for the first time average speed 20 to 25 mph. Having two batteries on my bike and I still had 3 bars left on the 2nd battery when I got home. This is great! Just for fun I did a top speed test. My top speed was 31mph. Not bad eh?

I also have to get a Suspension Seat post!! After that 40 mile ride my ass was killing me. LOL. I will soon take a pic of my bike and posted it here.
I’m keeping my second battery in a battery bag zip tied onto the rear rack. When battery 1 gets low, stop and put in battery 2.
Obviously you have to make sure they have the same I put setup. This setup works ok except battery 2 is so tall it makes it somewhat difficult to swing your leg over the back of the bike.