Just got first ebike (in Maryland)


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Jan 10, 2022
Just pulled the trigger on this


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That’s my bike (now) in front of my place

Local rider had for little over a year and only put 200 or so miles

It was supposed to be a urban city bike, but he moved waaaay outside and wasn’t riding it and let it for for about .50 on the dollar

It has upgraded fork, bars/stem, rear rack, and 2 controllers (one new in a box) and a the all important second battery..

It does the job I still have to pedal as throttle only whines coming up the hill by my place but with pedaling it’s fine (so I can’t be lazy)

The only issue I have is a lot of listed upgrades are older and places like Luna are out of stock on the easy upgrades/replacement - some stuff such as 750 hub motor are available, it’s a little more than I want to spend right now after paying for the bike, but I’ll keep and eye out

So far, im impressed with it.. I mean it’s not motorcycle power (have a few) but it’ll keep from from stroking out on a trail with my boy and still have fun..

Seemed like a good place to start