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Jul 28, 2020
Does anyone ride a Juiced Ripcurrent S Efatty? I'm looking into getting one. Any reviews would be great, thanks!
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I have 878 miles on my Juiced Rippcurrent S now. I can go 65 miles in ECO mode and still have about 40% battery left. I have only been up to 36 MPH on some downhills but I wouldn't be afraid to go faster since it has such a solid construction. Does great on trails, beach sand and streets. I can't go anywhere without people checking it out. I can't count the number of times I have heard "That's a great bike". They're right.
Owned this ebike for two years. No issues at all. The only modification I did was change straight handle bar for a JONES bar. Lots of fun for the pacific northwest.
I live in a somewhat hilly area and the 52 tooth sprocket was a little large. I tried a 46 tooth and then ended up with a 42 tooth. It was much better climbing and I can still pedal up to the 28mph cuttoff.
I commute 20 miles/day (round trip) to work and back on a 2019 RCS, plus some open desert riding in the early morning and weekends, and it is awesome!!!! Plenty of power, excellent range, and very stable both at speed on roads or tight & technical trails. I am a grown ass man and this bike makes me feel like I'm a kid again. I've only done basic maintenance, replaced two tubes, and one tire but that's only because I beat the crap out of this bike.

When riding on private property, I've got it up to 32mph in 9th gear with race mode, pedaling at full sprint. When I'm commuting though I usually keep on assist level 1 and cruise at apprx 23mph in 6 or 7th gear at a comfortable cadence, using throttle assist boost to get off the line at stoplights. Eco mode will eek out a sustained 20mph in 4th/5th without struggling.
The Juiced 52V battery for a 2018 Ripcurrent was 21Ah with LG 18650 cells, so Juiced has downgraded the Ah a tad and I think they're now using Samsung cells. This may be actually better. Here's some good advice... GET THE BIGGEST BATTERY YOU CAN AFFORD... DON'T CHEAP OUT!!!! The worst thing about all electric vehicles is "range anxiety" which is wondering if you're going to make it home and being scared to travel too far. This hampers your otherwise wonderful ride. A big-ass battery is what you want, more so than a cool ebike. If you ask anyone whose bought an undersized battery for their bike, they'll tell you they wish they bought the bigger one. Juiced leads the way with monster 52v batteries. This is why I bought a RCS.They give you the best bang for the buck these days. However, battery tech will be changing soon, but for now.... The Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S is worth considering if you want a killer bike that runs circles around a Rad.
I own a 2018 RCS, have 1800 miles and absolutely love this bike. There is nothing faster and stronger as a class 3 bike in the market. The value is phenomenal compared to anything you might find out there and it’s an American company based out of California. Only modification was a Brooks saddle but looking into a suspension post, and a Jones H bar that gave me a 2 1/2 rise so I still have an aggressive stance but sit more comfortably.
I have two 2019 RCS and have 500 miles on both. I take the bikes everywhere I can. I have a RockyMounts Backstage Rack. I hit the trails in FL and even though it is not a purpose built trail bike I get around the trails just fine. No air jumps and stay away from most Black Diamond trails. It is a great multipurpose EBike and the hardware specs are really good. 65lb ebike is heavy. The RipCurrent is closer to the hunting bikes you see online for double the price.
I bought mine late January and have 800+ miles on it riding in Yuma area. I can't believe the distance i can ride, in ECO mode 60 miles and battery about half, you can go to detail screen and see how much battery you have used and what's left, that's besides bar graph. The couple of issues I had were immediately addressed and resolved through Juiced very impressed with service....I don't think you'll find another bike with this range and product support.


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I live in a somewhat hilly area and the 52 tooth sprocket was a little large. I tried a 46 tooth and then ended up with a 42 tooth. It was much better climbing and I can still pedal up to the 28mph cuttoff.
I also would like a lower 1st gear, did you have to shorten chain and where do you purchase sprocket? Thanks