Jigging a tail light mount for Aventon Pace 500 cargo rack


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Jul 5, 2022
After buying my Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen ebike this spring, I knew that I would need a rear cargo rack to help carry my work supplies on my commutes, and my book/snacks/etc on my fun outings. I opted for the Aventon Rear Rack which is specific for my model and goes for $49.99.


I quickly discovered (the Newbie that I am), that when I mounted a bag on my rack, it obstructed the rear reflector attached to my seat post. While the Aventon has two nice, bright integrated rear lights in the frame, I wanted an additional light a little higher up and midline to my bike.

The additional problem I encountered was that while many cargo racks have vertically available holes for mounting a tail light, the Aventon rack does not.


The tail light I wanted was the Cygolite Hotshot Pro 200, which is designed to mount on a round seat post. The workaround I came up with was to purchase a 1” black rod flange (the little do-dads you would hang a horizontal closet rod from.


I was able to mount this on the underside of the Aventon rack using the existing holes, and securing with a pair of #8-32 1/2 inch stainless steel socket cap screws, with washers and nylon lock nuts.


This provided me with a nice tubular mount to affix my Hotshot light to.

There are probably a thousand ways to do this, most better than mine (woodworking is my thing, metal stuff…not so much), I thought I would share what I did on this forum in case any other members have an Aventon Pace rear rack and would like to try something similar.

I‘ll let you know in a few months if it fell off and I lost my $45 light. :)

Safe biking!

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