Jetson bolt pro is on hills


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2:15 AM
Jul 1, 2022
Hey guys,
As we all noticed with the recent inflation and crazy gas prices, I decided to buy an electric bike to commute to work. I got Jetson bolt pro. I think this was the best decisions I have ever made! I commuted to work going up/down hills without any issues and the battery charge is very decent for the distance I drove (6 miles!) and it did very well for the most parts. I am honestly very impressed with this ebike!
I recorded myself going up/down hills at different slopes so others can benefit from it before buying it. If you like in a steep area, I would say you will have to pedal often but it still works.
check out how well it is made!
That kind of use is REALLY putting a heavy load on the motor and controller. I bet your manual warns against it. Hopefully, the overload protection is well-sorted.

Meanwhile, I'd recommend pedaling as hard as you can to help it up hills. That will help to reduce the overload on the motor as well as extend your battery life by quite a bit.

I have a competing bike, the Sailnovo from Amazon. It climbs about the same, so I pedal hard to help the poor little motor up the hills.

'glad to see you're enjoying the Bolt Pro!