ISO input on a DEPENDABLE travel bike brand


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Apr 20, 2024
I'm looking to purchase my first ebike. It's going to be used for ebike packing. I don't want fat tires. Two inches are fine. I'm more worried about dependability.
I think a lot of people would jump in, if not for the word "dependable".
The problem is, even some of the best brands will periodically have a "problem child".
Nobody wants to grant the seal of approval on a specific bike, and then have random luck make them look like a mook.

So, instead, I want to narrow down on general traits you want from the bike (besides dependability).

Will it be driven on gravel/asphalt trails, or will there be sand and mud you must work your way through? If the answer is that you will have to go through sand/mud, you might want to consider wider tires, or even possibly motor on the front and rear wheel.

Are you concerned about staying under the classical class 3 standards with 750 Watt max motor? If so, you will be sacrificing climbing power in some cases. If the bike is a 750 Watt mid-drive, then climbing power is less impacted.

Are you wanting dual suspension? If you are going over rougher roads or trails, a shock on the front AND rear makes the ride much nicer.

Are you drawn to the compactness of bikes with smaller wheels (such as 20 inch rims), or are you leaning towards the more typical 26 inch rims?

What do you imagine will be the greatest distance travelled between charging cycles?

What speed do you want to travel at for these trips (the higher the speed, the greater the power consumption per mile travelled is.

What is the TOP speed you want the bike to be able to hit on level ground?

Is your gear going to be in a backpack, or will you be using a rear rack with something like a basket or saddlebags?

Are street-friendly features important to you, such as factory turn signals and brake light?

What general styles of frames appeal to you (Mountain bike, Cruiser, Beach-Bike, Moped-style, Super73 style, folding, other)?

What Handlebar-styles/riding posture is best for you (back/neck spinal issues may come into play here)?

What is the height of the rider?

Should you get these questions answered, it will be easier to steer you towards a bike which best meets your personal needs.
Sorry about the homework, but in the end you will be most satisfied with a bike which meets all your needs.