ISDT X16 up to 16S charger SOLD

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For Sale

ISDT x16 multichemistry lithium charger

Buyer pays shipping

ISDT x16 charger in as-new condition (less than 1 month old and used VERY little). Screen protector still in place from the factory. This charger . blows cheap mfg-supplied chargers away. Capable of balance charging for home builds with batteries with balance or can non-balance charge let the BMS do the work

Here's the link for all features.

My loss is your gain. $525 plus actual shipping.

Not familiar with this AT ALL, nor do I have $500 - But this is the very first 16s-capable balance charger I have ever seen, at any price.

For folks with hi-end batteries, this is well worth a look, at least.
It's quite a nice charger. And to be clear, it has its own power supply contained within which can push up to 2000 watts depending on whether you select 110 or 220v input. It's also somewhat unique in its ability to either balance charge or do straight CV-CC and let the EV's BMS do the balancing. For what you get for its price point, it's very difficult if not impossible to beat.
One problem you have is that I doubt there are more than 3-4 people on this website who even know what balance charging IS, and how unique and valuable that is. Don't think I have heard of a 16S battery here, at all.

There are a few hot-rodders, DIY-centric places where this would sell much more quickly.
Thank you for your kind insight. Might you suggest the name of perhaps one such forum for me to post as well? I'll figure out others from there.

Thanks again!