Is Winter Riding OK with Electric Bicycles?


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5:56 AM
Jun 16, 2018
First off welcome to all the new members who have joined us over the past couple of months.

Are any of you doing any winter riding?

The cold weather is not kind to ebikers.

(a) You get bloody cold and

(b) Your bike won't run as well as it does in the summer. Batteries do not like cold weather so if anyone has received a bike as a Christmas present don't give up. Once the weather warms up you'll be off like a rocket.

Anyone had fun on their e bike in the ice or the snow then let us know of your experiences. One to watch for is tyre direction. I came a cropper a few years ago on my bike because the shop hadn't put the tyres on with the correct direction. Instead of shedding water and slush to the outside the tyre directed it to the centre of the tread pattern. Ouch. The good side of it was that I came off so fast when the front shot off to the east that there was no time for fear.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather.
hi there, I use my converted raliegh folder daily for work. It's only 4 miles but yes still get bit chilly and wet, for that distance. I dont realy notice a drop in battery power - my batts live indoors anyway - my Chinese wheel is 36v 180w but I only use 24v 12 ah batts still takes me at a fast pedal on the flat and I manage to stay in top gear on a 5 speed cluster on the hills to and from work in Bristol.
The batteries on ebikes always work better in the warmer weather and even if it stays windy a motor saves you having to struggle against a head wind.