Is there a cheap way to increase an eBike's top speed and range?


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Sep 19, 2018
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The best way would be to pedal harder. Not trying to be funny but most ebike have a top speed as set by the controller so that they conform to the rules in the countries in which they are sold.

To increase the range you could add an extra battery, just make sure the batteries are rated exactly the same and that you connect them in parallel rather than series otherwise you might fry the controller or the motor, or both. Do it at your own risk!

There is a possibility you could hack into the computer to make it go faster, just not sure how to do that sorry.
I have ebike with controllers that accept up to 52volts, so if I need more top speed I can up the voltage.

I have managed to remove the speed limiter on my ebikes. If you see a wire coming out of the controller that plugs back into itself, then try unplugging it and see if that does anything.

You have to be careful though, if you put more voltage through your components they will heat up and possibly melt. Don't be careless when running a higher voltage on an ebike. You have to be certain that the controller accepts a higher voltage.
If you do manage to increase the top speed, for example with a different controller it will end up giving you less range. You could buy a bigger battery then a higher current controller and then a larger motor in that order. This is going to be a cheap modification though...
More voltage = more speed. This depends on if the other components can handle it though.