Is my bike a good candidate for a Bafang conversion?


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Feb 28, 2022
I would like to know if this bike is good enough to be converted frame is 17".
Bottom bracket is Press Fit that need to be replaced to accommodate Bafang mid mount motor requiring 35mm bottom bracket. Do not know how convert to that
I have watched videos on removing press fit my issue is finding the right BB to meet the needed requirement from Bafang
The brakes are V-brakes is that good enough for e-bike would like Hydraulic but there is no mount to accommodate it.

My legal requirement's for Province of Ontario is maximum assisted speed of 32 km/h, maximum weight of 120 kg (includes the weight of the bike and battery),
an electric motor not exceeding 500 watts, brakes capable of full stopping at speed of 30km/h within 9metres on level asphalt.
Thank you in advance for you replies looking forward to them

It would work, but I would want hydraulic brakes on an ebike, and at least a suspension fork. If budget is a concern, then go for it.
Yea already thought of it looking at mech disc brakes instead of hydraulics looks easier to maintain probably need adapter for the mount. My big problem right now is the press fit on the bottom bracket its too big. So I need to to find one that accommodates bafang requirement of 35mm for their shaft any one have ideas for that.
I was thinkin the Bafang # on that was 34mm not 35mm & as I recall mine was actually 33.5mm & the motor slid right in. Go online & ck something like Walmart. They sell kits & you should be able to confirm that spec off their info