Is It Necessary to Install A Rack on A Mountain E-bike?

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2:41 AM
Aug 6, 2021
Rack is still required for long trips. Because according to some tests, carrying more than 5 kilograms when riding a bicycle for a long time can cause damage to the lower back. Having a rack and a bag solves this problem, reducing the burden on the rider.

The Rack must be securely mounted and the specified load must exceed the weight of your equipment. Poor quality and lightweight racks can wobble during the ride, affecting your control over your mountain bike. The use of a front rack is also generally not recommended, and the result of handlebar loads is inflexible steering.

For off-roading in mountains and forests, loading racks (both front and rear) is not recommended. Because it can get hung up and be dangerous.
Racks are absolutely necessary for me and how I ride. They allow me to extend my rides from hours to weeks, carry weather-appropriate gear, have music and toys to enjoy and use while riding and allowed me to replace a car. Riding a heavily loaded bike changes everything, however.

Stay safe.