Is anyone interested in this electric bike retrofit kit?

I refitted a e-bike and my friend also wanted to refit his bike.We asked the manufacturer and they tell us if several sets were bought together, the price could be reduced. If there are two more people, we can scrape together three sets and save about $150.

e-drive integrated wheel,(motor+controller+battery,all in a wheel),for quickly refitting a bicycle into an electric bicycle,by replacing the front wheel.
Gear motor: 260w,rated,(max: 648w); Battery: 36v 10.4ah; Range/charge:34-65km. wheel:24'-27'


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Controller inside the motor, battery inside the wheel, radial spoke lacing, NO BATTERY CELLS INCLUDED, no price given for the kit.

* NO * * NO * * NO * * HELL NO * * NO *

Advertise something better next time.
i paid 600 euro.
if 3 sets(with battery cell), total: 1800usd
integrated wheel system = BAD IDEA !!!!!!!

Separate motor, controller and battery = upgradable, replacable, refurbishable.
OMG, radial lacing on a hub motor? Is that even legal? That wheel is going to explode.
What's keeping the rim from twisting off the hub? Ha Ha. What a piece of sheet.