Is an e-bike still an e-bike with power turned off?


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Aug 2, 2021
My e-bike is light enough that it is quite feasible to ride it with the power turned off. I want to do a loop where a small section (2.9 miles out of 22) bans e-bikes. Do you think it is legit for me to ride this section (there are no steep hills) with the power turned off. It seems to be with the power off, an e-bike is just a bike. Thoughts? I'm not asking for any specific legal advice, just your thoughts.
I'm with you....if your not using the battery power and your pedaling then your just using it as a regular bike. That's an option we have with these bikes. We can use it as a motorized vehicle or a non-motorized vehicle. If your not using the electric then your just using it as a bike and not an ebike.
I also don't think its anyone's business unless they own the property your riding on. What's the worst that could happen other than a warning or small fine from the authorities. I don't think they will impound your bike or throw you in jail. I think the police need to worry about these scumbags going into stores and taking whatever they want and not paying instead of worrying about someone out for a bike ride. (y)
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Park rangers aren't affiliated with the police. The section in question is public open space with clearly posted no e-bike signs. I'll probably risk it hoping any judge will be lenient on a 74-year-old biker with two artificial knees.
But they can call the police or probably even give you a fine. If I was you I would just try to outrun them!
Good luck and be safe! ;)