Intermittent Issue


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10:21 PM
May 7, 2022

I have a Gyroor C3. I bought it last October and have used it for short trips a couple of times and once for a couple of hours testing it out at the beach just to put into perspective the usage being rather limited. I hadn't ridden it in probably 3 months or so and decided to take it the mile trip to work yesterday. About halfway there when engaging the throttle it stopped working. The issue doesn't seem to be battery related as the screen stayed powered on displaying speed, battery level and mode.

I pedaled the rest of the way to my destination and parked it. When I finished working I tried it again and everything was working fine as if nothing was wrong. I'm wondering if anyone may have ideas on what could cause something like this to occur? I'm thinking perhaps it had sat too long prior to me taking it out again after a few months. I'm just really reluctant to take it out now. If this sounds familiar to anyone who can offer ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
Either it got wet, and then dried out, which could cause this, or the throttle was engaged when powered on, in which case just move the throttle full off then back on and it should have worked, or you have a loose connection or damaged wire connected to the throttle. Check thoroughly, and very, very carefully.

Setting too long MIGHT cause a battery issue, but NOT a throttle issue as you describe. Very simple mechanism, not much to go wrong. Water intrusion, loose connection, damaged wire. That's about it. Be alert for the individual pins and sockets in the connection to possibly be not firmly fixed in the plastic housing.

For storage, battery should be at about 60% charged, checked and charged slightly every few months. General usage, keep below 80-90% charge, and above 20%. Do not allow to sit for any long period of time at too low, or high, a level. Fully charge only immediately before riding, when possible.