Interesting new offerings from REI.


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8:58 AM
Feb 13, 2022
Narrower, non-fat tire 20" wheels are just about perfect for city commute.


Was looking at those before I purchased my Pedigo, the end of August was earliest you could get them in my area. They seem like pretty nice bikes and REI stands behind their products!
A couple of thoughts on that last one:
  • $1800 for a commuter bike, and I don't even get fenders?! C'mon.
  • The trend seems to be to give us front suspension, if only one end is suspended, but I find if I could only have one, I'd rather it be rear suspension. (as on my Sailnovo) I guess the saving grace is that a shock seatpost and sprung seat could be added, but again, at this price, they should be included.