In case anyone is interested....

Any pics of your diamondback?
Not on-hand at the moment....its buried in the back of my shed but I do want to dig it out of there though and ride it since the fall weather (to me) is ideal for riding and watching the leaves fall...once I start my winter job on the 23rd I'll have the mornings free for riding since I'll be working 3pm - 11pm shift, Mon - Fri....
yeah here in VA it's really changing colors. Went for a ride yesterday and it was
48deg in the mountains so it's gonna get cold early up there it seems LOL

Dress warm :)
Now i'm's the second winter job?
I'm retired so in the winter I work for DOT as I monitor the 2-way radio for comm's between the plow drivers and the office, and I answer calls from the public, state/local police for road conditions, and get the crew out wherever there is a problem such as slick roads, trees/wires down, accident clean-up, etc., This will be my 3rd winter with DOT doing this....great job....sit around, wait for the phone to ring, surf the 'Net, watch my Jeopardy at 7pm, and just kick back till the snow action begins....tough job but somebody's gotta do it....:D
an example of what Woot is selling:

good price (IMO) for a great brand-name E-bike....
Right now I see 5 e-bikes on there...Do they generally continue to have different e-bikes listed ? Also, do you just use your Amazon account to log in and shop there ? I've never heard of this Woot before.
@Bikoiko Woot started out as an online seller 2nd-hand reseller of used/refurbished/renewed items based out of Brooklyn, New York and was bought by Amazon in 2010. Obviously, they're backed by Amazon's product guarantees. I've bought stuff from Woot without issue. Their inventory varies and changes based on quantity on-hand at the moment.
I meant they had only one of those (Mendocino). That link shows that the event is sold out now.
I don't see any way to search, but I'm not familiar with that site either.