I’m new to this forum but I’m very active with E-Bikes owning a total of seven

Some very nice ebikes you have there! Do you find it hard to choose which one to ride?
It’s like clothing, you have several jackets…one or so for each situation……cold, raining, style….etc.
My foldup is great to throw in back of vehicle. My dual battery bikes great for long rides where I don’t want to have range anxiety. Some bikes built for speed or some for comfort. They are all something I bought That I though I would like to ride. The Juiced Scorpion is a blast to ride for pure fun and has a throttle, but not my choice for a nice healthy workout, just pedaling mostly but knowing I have extra power to fight high winds, steep hills…..and can get home in a hurry if The Wife calls or rain is coming. Who doesn’t like to by another tool? I could have bought a real nice 60’s muscle car or some other expensive hobby, but this is cheap to maintain, so much fun and good for my health!