Im i the only one with this battery


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May 21, 2024
Hey i have loads of experiance with lifep04 and would like to apply it to my bike
My bike is bbshd going to pick it up on thursday
I was going to buy one of these for now
I know i need a charger and a shunt bms max current is 50a so i know i can run the shunt modded controller
Thinking of buying two and a toolbox to mount them in
I could charge them with a custom lead up to 50a and a custom charger
Maybe buying one at first and mounting it on the back rack in a box with the shunt in the box and sikaflext cable coming out one for the motor and one for charging
It would sure beat all the battery charge times that most bike batteries take
Anyway any issues with this madness?
The self-heating feature may prove problematic if you bike gets stored someplace where it gets cold. The battery will burn its charge up, trying to keep itself warm.
The 51 pounds of weight is rather high as well.
Just read the manual the heating only comes on if charging above 3.5amps
So no worries of it heating untill charging and thats a minor inconvenience rare it gets to 0 here where i life but i could imagine in the shed on some mornings it could get that low