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Jul 24, 2020
I went for a 18.8 mile ride yesterday (1 hour 11 minutes) and it is the first time in 4 years that my knees haven't ached after a bike ride. The ride before that (on my Crosstrail) was 13.3 miles (1 hour 18 minutes) in the same windy conditions with a lot of pain afterwards. I normally ride 1400-1500 miles per year.

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Was your Crosstail set up properly? Was it a good fit? 1400 miles is a lot on a bike with a poor fit.
16mph average? Was this a road ride?

In any case, it's probably your fit/cadence that is causing the problem, if the new setup isn't hurting you. Go get a professional fitting.

Thanks. I think you may have hit the nail on the head with pushing too hard. I always try to do that ride as fast as possible. Best time on my Crosstrail on a totally calm day was 1 hour 15 minutes and it's not totally flat.
tried one today at the trail.. i'm on my fatboy and while giving way on an entry to a single track, guy comes out riding a levo..told him "cheater" in jest and we spoke for a couple of minutes regarding his bike.. he let me try it out and damn that thing is amazing.. he tried out my fatboy with bluto and nextie tri spoke rims and he said the same thing, "cant believe how the bike pedals".. couple of other mtb riders rode by and said his bike was illegal to ride on this trails.. we all had no problems with it, more like shared info.. time to save up for a comp version.. red.. another convert here..
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I don't think you will regret it. I went on my 3rd 18+ mile ride in 4 days (one day it was raining) today and strapped on a heart monitor. The low was 140 and the high was 159 with a total time of around 1 hour 12 minutes. It's still a good work out. The way the wind has been here I would not have rode my Crosstrail (or any other bike) these days. I'm really glad I bought it. It wasn't that many years ago there were people who thought snow boarders shouldn't be allowed on the mountains, now it's an Olympic sport. Given time, I think people will realize these are not all that evil and accept them.
I'm pretty sure I'd regret spending that sort of money on a bike I couldn't legally ride on my favorite trails. Guess that's just me though
Just found out spesh has it on fatboy as well... now ieally want one

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