I want to hear your opinion about Add-E ebike kit


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Jul 17, 2020
I want to hear your opinion about Add-E ebike kit
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Don't have much experience, I have an old BionX kit with wheel motor on a road bike. The wheel motor and its weight is not suitable on a mtb.

One that is popular even on mtb is the Bafang BBS.
At first glance I thought you were asking about e-bike kits in general, not the specific Add-E brand.

Hadn't heard of it although most of the features have been around for a while but not applied in a single design.

About all I can add is that friction drives have their limitations. Fair weather flyer for street use; wet and muddy like what a MTB might see = not good.

Here's a good review: https://electricbikereview.com/add-e/600w-kit/
I want to here your opinion about Add-E ebike kit
Highly over priced! I just looked it up on ebay they want $1449.00 for it and it's only 600watts the battery is only 200watts and 9 amps, you not going to have any power or range. You can get a full blown BBSHD right now from BafangUSADirect or $990.00 that's 1000Watt motor and the battery is 48V 11.6ah that's 550Watt hours, that'll get you about 20 to 25miles range, longer if you pedal.
Also about the add-e type conversion, they are running the motor using an abrasive covering that rolls your tire from the top outside of the tire, which is going to put additional wear and tear on your tire and the speeds and ranges they say they are getting, well, in my opinion, they are lying. There is no way that they are getting 50km range and 38-40km per hour on a 22 volt 9 amp battery, it just isn't possible and when you consider that fact that your going to loose power, by running the wheel from the outside like that and you don't have any power to speak of in the first place. In my humble opinion, you'd be wasting your money.