I want to add second battery. What balancer and battery to choose?


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Oct 19, 2022
I'm new to ebike building. My bike has a 48v 500w rear hub motor and integrated 500Wh 48V/10.4Ah in frame battery. Max controller current is 22 A. I don't know what type of dual battery balancer I need. I'm planning to get a 48v 30 ah battery with max 40 A dual battery balancer. Will it burn my bike? I posted a link to my bike' controller and balancers from internet.
BBD6030 should be alright for your use as you've described.

Just make sure that both batteries are the SAME voltage.... they can be of different amps.

Lets us know how you're getting along with your task :cool:
Call area 13 ebikes in grass valley,calif. They know and have the things and ideas for this.