I took the Jetson Bolt Pro to work!

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2:24 PM
Apr 16, 2022
So after test riding the Jetson on the weekend I decided that despite the freezing temperature I would ride it down to the train station, hop on the train with the bike and then once I got to my stop get off and ride it to my workplace. It worked flawlessly! I left my apt at 5:50am and was at my work at 6:30am. Total time on the bike is about 25 mins and on the train 15 mins. On the way home from the train station I have to ride up a steep long hill and the Jetson handled it wait ease with very little pedaling effort required! I was even able to stop quickly at a shop on the way home to pick up some items. After the commute the battery was still at 50-75% charged. Using this ebike in combination with the train has eliminated 3 buses from my commute to work and back and the freedom to go anywhere I need to run errands without relying on or waiting for the bus. I will definitely use this bike daily unless it rains. This has been one of the best purchases I have made in years!
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