I don't have access to some rooms



I am trying to post in the Electric Bike Brands/W/Wired room but I don't get that option when I click on Post thread...

In fact I don't see the "Electric Bike Brands" at all.
Yea, I can view it, but I cannot see it when I click, post a new thread.

These are all I see in the drop down window.

Electric Bike Forum
Electric Bike Types
Electric Bike Kits
Electric Bike Technical
Electric Bike Community


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@Anton decribed it here, and i quote:

"The brand forums are not real forums, you can not post directly to them. They are virtual forums. Threads are automatically indexed into them whenever the brand name is used in the title of the thread. The actual thread exists in another forum". end quote.

So we've had some issues where it didnt go through then other issuses where it took about 28 hours or so.
Virtual forum? I am member of a lot of forums over many years and never heard of that. Forget it, I will just delete my account.